10 Sentence Rewrite

I pretty much never post on social media so the last sixteen months of posts have all been about my daughter, Emma.


The most recent was four months ago for her birthday!





Can’t believe our Emma is one today! This has been the fastest and best year of our lives! Love my tiny best friend.

  1. After a remarkably speedy and wonderful year, our daughter Emma is one year old. Infinite X’s and O’s for my baby girl.
  2. Happy Birthday, Emma darling. Facebook tributes for babies are silly, but what is a mama to do but boast that she kept you alive for one full year?
  3. 365 days of Emma! Lucky to have her for a best friend.
  4. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s MINE! Happy Birthday to my favorite girl.
  5. Happy first birthday, Emma! If all babies were like you, I would have ten more (maybe).
  6. Time flies when you’re sleep deprived and have the cutest baby! Hard to believe it’s already been a year. Happy Birthday, Emma!
  7. November 6 will always hold a special piece of my heart, for it was the day my sweet Emma was born.
  8. You’ve had a birthday shout hooray! Celebrated Emma today. One year old!
  9. Tanti Aguri! Selamat Hari Jadi! Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday to my favorite person on the planet, Emma Elizabeth Trotter! I’m planning on waking you up every year at 10:57pm to tell you your birth story just like Lorelai does to Rory on Gilmore Girls.






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